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Lucy Endel Bassli

Author, The Simple Guide to Legal Innovation

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I'm moving to www.lucybassli.com

Hello! I'm Lucy

I am a licensed attorney on a mission to inspire change in the legal industry. 

The legal industry is behind, and I am here to help law firms think of new ways to deliver legal services. From alternative resource models to automation of legal tasks, I've done it... and have been successful at it. I transformed my work from a traditional transactional legal practice to an industry-leading contracting operation. Combining the latest technology with smart risk-based approach to contract review, I was able to bring data and objective measures to the practice of law as an experienced in-house attorney in Microsoft, impacting how the whole enterprise receives legal services.

I want to have broader impact and share my experience with you.

Whether I am on a stage in front of hundreds of legal professionals, in an intimate discussion with leaders about the possibilities or describing opportunities to innovate to law firm management, I am committed to changing how lawyers think and operate.

Please reach out to me to discuss how you can deliver legal services in a different way, and you too can become a unicorn lawyer...


With 18 years experience in commercial transactions, including in-house at Microsoft for over 13 years, I have negotiated the most complex outsourcing agreements and tackled related complicated legal issues around employment matters, privacy concerns and data security.


Called by major corporate law departments to share my insights and provide ideas on innovative processes and solutions, I understand industry standards and best practices. I assess readiness for automation and provide honest advice on legal  operations. My favorite topic is CONTRACTING.


Invited to speak at venues ranging from international conferences to small groups of decision-makers at leading law firms, I enjoy rallying teams to challenge status quo and encourage innovation. I bring industry knowledge and expertise to your table, giving your team the tools to succeed.


As I’ve gotten to know Lucy over the last few years, I have witnessed her sharing her genuine passion for revolutionizing the legal industry. In every setting, she speaks with such conviction and energy, no one can doubt that she is onto something. Given Lucy’s first-hand experience with engaging law firms creatively, automation, and legal outsourcing, she is sure to be a great resource for anyone who engages with her.

Legal Industry Expert

Lucy is an internationally respected expert in in-house operations and is at the cutting-edge of understanding how to use technology and innovation to deliver legal services in new ways.  When Suffolk Law created an online course about in-house legal operations, the person at the top of our list to teach the class was Lucy Bassli.

Dean, Suffolk University Law School

I’ve been engaging with Lucy for several years about contracting practices and efficiencies. She was instrumental in our thinking as we redesigned processes and systems. Lucy is always pragmatic, insightful and creative. She approaches challenging situations with a great balance of humor and realism. She’ll go above and beyond every time!

Ann Miller

Vice President, Corporate Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer, Nike

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